Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Meehan street, between Williams street and Rossmore road 2007.

Amory street, 2007

Since I've figured out how to link to off-site pictures, I decided to add more pics. I was running out of space, so I was limiting my photos for a while. The top picture shows Meehan Street, which runs diagonally between Williams Street and Rossmore Road. Along the road on the left you see a patch of grass and then a parking area. Why no houses? Guess what's under there? Sure 'nuff, Stony Brook runs parallel to the street under the vacant land. Just behind me when I was shooting this picture was Doyle's pub. The brook runs under the front corner of the building. The second picture was taken on Amory Street near Boylston Street, and shows a walkway leading.... diagonally, of course, up towards the Stony Brook T Station. The fences and property lines show clearly the path the brook takes underground. I wanted to take a picture looking back in the other direction, but they're doing work on the building, and the scaffolding hides the angle of the building.

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Anonymous said...

When the waters running high, below Jamaica Plain streets, the Stony Brook can be heard rushing on its way.

Best remembered spot is at the end of Paul Gore Street, near Amory, I guess, if its still there. Stand by the manhole covers and listen. You can hear the now pipe contained Stony Brook rushing down below