Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One Way to Solve a Problem

Here's an interesting nugget from 1876: there was consideration given to diverting some of the water from Stony Brook to the Neponset River. Presumably, they would have cut from the east end of today's Stony Brook Reservation over to Mother Brook at River Street in Readville. The two aren't much more than a stone's throw from each other, so it would have been an easy task. There are no further mentions of the idea in the archives.

Boston Globe November 2, 1876

Stony Brook

The Board of Street Commissioners of the City of Boston, having been requested in an order of the Board of Aldermen to thoroughly examine and report to them upon the improvement of the valley of the Stony Brook, with an approximate estimate of the cost such improvement, and as to the amount of betterment to be realized by assessment upon or agreement with the owners of the lands benefited thereby: and also in the expediency of diverting a portion of the water from the brook by the way of Hyde Park or Mattapan to the Neponset River, give notice hereby of a hearing of all persons interested in this subject to be had at the Commissioner's rooms at City Hall, on Friday, the 3d of November, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.

By order of the Board of Street Commissioners.

Newton Talbot, Chairman.

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