Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting at the End

This picture shows the end of the line for today's Stony Brook. Two stone building house the valves the control the flow of the underground channels into the Back Bay Fens. The buildings can be seen opposite the Forsyth Dental building, near the back of the Museum of Fine Arts. No signs mark the site, and many like myself have driven past the site hundreds of times without realizing what was there.

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Riskjps said...

This is not the "real " end of the Stony Brook. This is the overflow into the Muddy River. During a normal day, the flow bypasses these gatehouses and travels down a 12 foot diameter pipe that parallels the Muddy exiting intot eh Charles after passing throught eh Charlesgate house. (past Beacon Street between the Storrow Drive ramps